Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 566

I like almost everything Australian Marc Newson designs, and when he focuses on haute horlogerie the outcome is usually fabulous – like the highly covetable Ikepod range. So when he collaborated with Jaeger-LeCoultre on a reinterpretation of their classic Atmos range of clocks the outcome was always going to be special.

The Black Pearl

It takes some considerable effort for me to pay attention to a watch; there is so much choice around it has to be something special.

The Black Pearl, designed by Switzerland-based HD3 Complication, definitely meets this standard.

A combination of steampunk exposed mechanisms and pirate and buccaneer-inspired elements, it features a mixture of intricate mechanisms and detailing, and chunky nautical fixtures.

Custom-engraved panels, a cannon hatch and a ship’s wheel-like dial complete the unique and extremely attractive piece.

Skiff Reader

The e-reader market is hotting up, with Amazon’s trail-blazing Kindle being challenged by e-reader after e-reader. CES this year was awash with e-readers, but only one truly stood out – the Skiff Reader. It sports the highest resolution on an e-reader yet, at a stunning 1200×1600 on a large 11.5″ screen with full touch control. As if that wasn’t enough it is based on LG’s revolutionary metal foil e-paper technology, meaning its not just less delicate than its glass screened competitors, but actually bendable.

BMW Concept 6

BMW is revered for its inline 6 engines that feature throughout their cars and have won a multitude of awards and plaudits. They’re extending the inline 6 engines to their motorcycle range next year and have built the Concept 6 to show off the new engine.

Bowers&Wilkins MM-1

There is a real dearth of quality audiophile hi-fi products in the desktop/multimedia/computer speaker market. I desperately cling on to my old pair of Klipsch for that very reason. One of the premier speaker companies in the world, famous for their Nautilus speakers and Zeppelin iPod docks, Bowers&Wilkins obvously agrees – they just launched their new MM-1 speakers, which must be the perfect accompaniment to today’s high end PCs.

CR&S Duu

If you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a Harley with a Ducati Monster, CR&S have built the bike for you. The CR&S Duu takes a thumping American 117cu.in. (1.9 litre) v-twin and wraps a hand made custom Italian streetfighter frame around it. Add in a lashing of futuristic detailing and you get one sexy bike.

Ford SVT Raptor

Ford’s special vehicle team are known for some mad conversions, and the old F-150 Lightning with its bonkers supercharged V8 and street aspirations is a case in point. But now they have realised that trucks are meant to stay off road and married that bonkers engine mentality with some really off-road kit to make the Ford SVT Raptor. Recently released with an even bigger engine, this beast sports a 6.2l V8 putting out 414hp. While this doesn’t make performance comparable to on-road speed demons, 0-62 in 7 seconds and as much torque as a 911 turbo makes it one of the fastest things you can take through a desert without bothering too much about being broken by the scenery.

Olympus E-P2

Digital SLRs have been steadily improving over the last few years, but they still cling on to the form factor and designs of the 35mm camera era. Don’t get me wrong – I love the aesthetic – but if the sensor isn’t 35mm anymore, why is the body around it scaled to that dimension? The 4/3rds designs have moved this on but not felt like proper photographic tools – until Olympus released their E-P1, or E-PEN in homage to its illustrious forebear first introduced in 1959. Now Olympus have already brought out a new model in the E-Pen range – the E-P2.

Dell Adamo XPS

For those who actually use their laptops on the go Dell has brought out the Adamo XPS, the world’s thinnest laptop at a papercut worthy 9.9mm thin. Yes, that’s less than a centimetre thick… The great design doesn’t just stop there – the Adamo XPS has loads of innovative design features, from the keyboard opening up at an angle – both improving cooling and putting the keyboard at a comfortable angle – to the metal keyboard and the latch mechanism which opens at the swipe of a finger.

Oakley Elite Assault Boot

Not content to produce elite sunglasses and watches, Oakley have turned their eye to their boots too. Oakley’s history with the armed forces goes back 20 years, and the latest product of that partnership is the Elite Assault Boot. Combining athletically inspired design features like a moisture wicking, low-friction lining, and a shock absorbent sole with unusual features like flame-resistant carbon, slash-resistant carbon CX and puncture-resistant Lenzing sole this is one hell of a boot – even if your hike is more rambling than duck and cover.